Adult Volunteer of the Year:

Rita Santaella

Rita is a well-rounded volunteer. She helps on our Advanced Volunteer Team, is regularly in lessons sidewalking and leading our horses, assists with the military program, and helps with all our special events. Rita is the kind of volunteer who “gets it.” She understands her relationship with her clients, her boundaries in relating to our horses, and how to communicate needs to our staff. We greatly value Rita’s participation and rely on her significant contributions.

Youth Volunteer of the Year:

Deeba Saffarian

Deeba began volunteering at The Shea Center in 2015 as an enthusiastic sidewalker and now is a terrific horse leader. She has joined our Advanced Volunteer Team coaching new volunteers on their first shift and helps the volunteer department with other special events. Her enthusiasm for the Center is so contagious that she has recruited both her twin sister, Saba, and her father, Reza, to become Shea Center volunteers.

Rookie Volunteer of the Year:

Kim White

Kim is a licensed physical therapy assistant and understands what it takes to accomplish therapy goals. She is an asset to all the lessons in which she is involved. Kim also assists the grooming team, volunteers for the Drive to Ride campaign, and willingly helps with any task requested of her.

Volunteer of the Month:

Tracy Diiullo

Please congratulate The Shea Center’s August volunteer of the month, Tracy Diiullo. Tracy was referred to the Center by her good friend, trainer Cindy Forrest, and has been volunteering as a leader at the Center since September 2016. When leading in lessons she has a great ability to read the horse’s body language while keeping in mind the client’s needs. Congratulations, Tracy. Thank you for everything you do!

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