Have you ever wondered where we get our great auction items for our events?

Do you have gifts that didn’t thrill you or items you’ve purchased but never used? Do you know anyone who would be interested in donating a unique item? Restaurant, salon, and retail store gift cards are big sellers!

Experiences such as sporting events, fine dining, private tours, concerts, and unique opportunities such as sky diving or driving a racecar always bring in top dollar.

Download our in-kind donation form or call (949) 240-8441.




Did You Know...

Client on Horse

We Have 250+ Riders Each
Week, Over 1,000 Participants
Each Year.

boy with therapy horse

Autism is Our #1 Diagnosis,
Cerebral Palsy is Our #2

girl with therapy horse

More Than 75 cents of Each
Dollar Raised Goes Directly
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