Among The Shea Center’s 23 therapy program horses, there are 12 different breeds to accommodate a wide range of riders and their needs. Before coming to the Center, our horses have often been trained as trail or show horses. Each therapy horse has its own training and exercise program, its own customized feeding program, and receives Platinum Performance health and performance supplements. All of the horses are donated and go through a 90-120 day trial period to make certain they are suitable for our program.

The Shea Center expresses a sincere thank you to Richard Markell, DVM of Ranch and Coast Equine Practice for the generous weekly donation of his time and services to care for The Shea Center’s horses.






The Shea Center horses and ponies serve more than 250 clients during each session in our therapeutic riding programs. The Shea Center horse sponsorship program provides the funds to support the yearly cost of caring for our horses and helps underwrite feed, shavings, horseshoes, veterinary care, tack, stall management, and other indirect costs such as utilities and facilities maintenance.

For our programs to be safe, effective, and successful for our clients, it is critical our horses be healthy, happy, and sound. We are grateful to the generous individuals, organizations, foundations, and businesses that provide funding to care for our therapy horses through their annual tax-deductible sponsorship donations.

The total cost to care for one horse at the Center averages $10,000 per year and does not cover any additional veterinary or medical costs that may arise. We offer three horse sponsorship recognition levels. Follow this link to sponsor a horse, or download our Horse Sponsorship Flyer.


Thank you for your interest in donating your horse to The Shea Center’s therapeutic riding program. Some general guidelines for horse donations include: geldings preferred, mares accepted; must be sound and in good physical condition, with a regular exercise regimen; must have a calm temperament and get along with other horses; and must be completely saddle broke and trained. If you feel your horse may qualify for our program, please fill out the form below.


Please fill out the form below and a staff member will be in touch!