The Quality of Our Work Depends on the Quality of Our People.

The quality of our work depends on the quality of our people.

Established in 1978, The Shea Center's continued success is measured in human terms; improved quality of life, of body and mind, reflected in the smiling faces of our clients and the hearts of their families.

The staff and volunteers at the Center are expertly trained and qualified in every respect to deliver the highest standard of care. Continuous testing, adjustments, and improvements have made The Shea Center an industry leader by the efficacy of its programs and the skills of its staff.

Dana Butler-Moburg
Executive Director

Janelle Robinson
Director, Therapeutic Programs

Dana Ludutsky-Green
Administration Development Associate

Trish Evans
Assistant Program Director & Physical Therapy Assistant

Adre Hudgson
Program Administration

  • Kristen Baumberger, Occupational Therapist
  • Eileen Caldwell, Editor & Community Relations
  • Wallace Chan, COO
  • Susan Conroy, Physical Therapist
  • Christina Cragun, Volunteer Services Manager
  • Kevin Ventura Dina, Barn Team
  • Phil Dunn, Facilities Manager
  • Dan Edwards, Facilities
  • Fernando Galindo, Barn Team
  • Isa Galindo, Barn Team
  • Terri Hutchison, Speech Therapist
  • Caitlyn Ignatowicz, LTA
  • Heidi Knight, LTA
  • Brent Krage, Accounting Manager
  • Shari Masline, Lead LTA
  • Ciara Mestaz, Instructor
  • Tammy Pavese, Administrative Development Associate
  • Jamie Smartt, LTA
  • Jillian Stewart, Physical Therapist
  • Carly Taufaasau, Volunteer Team Administrative Associate
  • Taryn Trumble, Special Events Manager
  • Caitlyn Turner, LTA
  • Sonya Violette, Manager, Donor Relations
  • Katy White, Head Instructor
  • Sandy White, Instructor
  • Karen Yamasaki, Occupational Therapist