Drive to Ride - January 30 - February 29, 2016

The Drive to Ride Campaign is a way for all to support our rider financial aid and our horses. This campaign is unique in that it gives everyone an opportunity to be a part of a "Team" and prizes will be offered for all those who participate! Every gift, no matter the size, can make an impact on the lives of our riders and their families. The Shea Center has been responding to the needs of people with disabilities for more than three decades. The demand for our therapy services and the opportunity to serve our community continues to grow each year. Your donations make it possible to continue to keep these programs affordable and available. With your help, we can reach our goal of $125,000 and keep playing a key role in the lives of our riders, their families and their development. Funds raised through Drive to Ride are used towards financial aid for riders and to care for The Shea Center horses. Thank you for participating or supporting the rider, volunteer or staff team of your choice during the annual Drive to Ride campaign at The Shea Center.

Drive to Ride 2016 Current Totals
$20,457.00 Raised
44 Teams
$125,000.00 Goal
A Beautiful Ride for Penny and Payton
Rider: Payton Anderson Raised: $20.00 Goal: $1,500.00
A Brave Boy, A New Heart & A Fresh Start
Volunteer: Laura Robinson Raised: $60.00 Goal: $2,500.00
A Day With the One and Only Michael Lewis
Volunteer: Nicole La Mott Raised: $710.00 Goal: $5,000.00
A Love of Two Brothers, Lucas
Parent: Diana De Leon Raised: $55.00 Goal: $1,000.00
A Race to theTop of the Mountain, Marcello's Story
Parent: Diana De Leon Raised: $200.00 Goal: $1,000.00
A Story of Hearts and Hoofbeats
Volunteer: Annika Moe Raised: $0.00 Goal: $5,000.00
A Tale of Two Jobs
Volunteer: Nolina Beauchamp Raised: $30.00 Goal: $5,000.00
A Volunteer's Gratitude
Volunteer: Jeanne McCreadie Raised: $275.00 Goal: $500.00
Awesome Double Q
Volunteer: Quinn Sneddon Raised: $200.00 Goal: $500.00
Benny's Buddies
Volunteer: Bonnie and David Eastman Raised: $3,150.00 Goal: $10,000.00
Bergiez World
Volunteer: Bergie Bergquist Raised: $310.00 Goal: $1,500.00
Bethany and Bliss
Rider: Bethany Velthuis Raised: $0.00 Goal: $500.00
Big journey, Small steps
Volunteer: Deana Bergquist Raised: $330.00 Goal: $1,500.00
Brenda's Story
Volunteer: Brenda Cross Raised: $645.00 Goal: $5,000.00
Callan Can!
Rider: Callan Mullins Raised: $2,510.00 Goal: $5,000.00
Carter's Walk with the Shea Center
Parent: Bryan & Lindsay Kapp Raised: $735.00 Goal: $2,500.00
Courtney's Cowgirl Crew
Rider: Courtney Yacovone Raised: $610.00 Goal: $2,500.00
David's Day @ Shea
Parent: Clara Medrano Raised: $2,425.00 Goal: $10,000.00
DJ Chris and the Dream Team!
Volunteer: Allie Reilly Raised: $0.00 Goal: $1,000.00
Donkey Dayz Are Here!
Rider: Dana Johnsen Raised: $3,500.00 Goal: $10,000.00
EMERSON-Facility Dog
Friend: Patricia Evans Raised: $215.00 Goal: $1,000.00
Happy Heart
Volunteer: Paula McCloskey Raised: $160.00 Goal: $2,500.00
Help us DRIVE so they can RIDE!
Friend: John Caldwell Raised: $0.00 Goal: $5,000.00
Volunteer: Carly Taufaasau Raised: $25.00 Goal: $1,000.00
Kevin's Story: Wheelchair To Running
Rider: Kevin Whitney Raised: $0.00 Goal: $5,000.00
Life Spirit Speech
Friend: Life Spirit Speech Hutchison Raised: $50.00 Goal: $1,000.00
Lizzy's Pink Cowgirl Crew
Rider: Lizzy Shelly Raised: $130.00 Goal: $5,000.00
Mighty Tristan
Parent: Sheila Straub Raised: $0.00 Goal: $1,000.00
My Home Away from Home
Rider: Darin Murphy Raised: $20.00 Goal: $500.00
My Journey to Shea
Friend: Hayley McConville Raised: $25.00 Goal: $1,000.00
My Report - Year 1
Volunteer: Brent Krage Raised: $195.00 Goal: $500.00
My Steady ROCK
Rider: Megan Railey Raised: $0.00 Goal: $2,500.00
My Time at the Shea Center
Rider: Darci Dodds Raised: $100.00 Goal: $500.00
Rider: Nicholas Rojo Raised: $145.00 Goal: $500.00
Photography at The Shea Center
Friend: Taryn Trumble Raised: $100.00 Goal: $1,500.00
Saturday Mornings with Peyton
Volunteer: Elika Miller Raised: $60.00 Goal: $1,000.00
Team Brooke
Rider: Brooke Kershberg Raised: $1,202.00 Goal: $2,500.00
Team Dakota and Brooke
Volunteer: Dakota & Brooke Maffetore Raised: $475.00 Goal: $1,000.00
Team Father and Daughter!
Volunteer: Meghan & James Poth Raised: $20.00 Goal: $5,000.00
Team Hayden Lewis
Parent: Robyn Lewis Raised: $115.00 Goal: $500.00
Team Molly
Parent: Michelle Lamon-Paredes Raised: $305.00 Goal: $500.00
Team Sarah and Stroud
Rider: Sarah Demmert Raised: $660.00 Goal: $1,000.00
Team Troy & Rushmore
Rider: Troy Ritchie Raised: $420.00 Goal: $2,500.00
William's Wild Ride
Rider: William Muller Raised: $270.00 Goal: $1,000.00